Frequently Asked Questions

 My pen dried out. What do I do?

Pens may dry out, or not react properly if the cap is left off too long. To reactivate:
Purple Pen: Soak tip in about 2 inches of clean water for 10 minutes. Wipe excess off the tip.
Orange, Green, or White Pen: Immerse tip in clean water for a maximum of one minute. Sometimes excessive or constant rubbing pressure may cause the end of the tip to glaze over, restricting flow of ink. This can be corrected by punching a series of holes in the end of the tip with a pin.

   What if I need a replacement pen?

You can order replacement pens by sending $1.00 to cover postage to: Lee Publications, PO Box 32120, Louisville, KY 40232-2120. Be sure to specify which pen is needed: Purple, Orange, Green, Black or White.

   How do I remove an ink stain?

The ink from these pens may appear to stain. Most marks can easily be removed with any over-the-counter rust remover. Look in the laundry aisle at your local store by spot removers.

   Where can I find Lee Publications' products?  

They can be found in a variety of places such as toy stores (Learning Express), travel stores (Stuckey's), hospital gift shops, airport gift shops, drug stores, grocery stores, bookstores (Books-A-Million), craft stores (A.C. Moore), resort gift shops, and restaurants (Cracker Barrel).  Lee Publications' titles are available at many fine toy and gift stores, but we are unable to provide a complete list of stores that carry our products.

   How do I become a retailer of Lee Publications' products?

Please download the Application Form. Complete the form and email it to

 Click below if you would like to:

    • Request a catalog. (Please provide name, company and mailing address.)

    • View the digital catalog. 

    Are Lee Publications products safe for children?

YES! Magnetic Fun Tins contain NO LEAD HAZARD. Magnet material contains no latex and the “flux” index of the magnetic material is very low, therefore the magnets are NOT hazardous. Warning: Choking Hazard - small parts - not for children under 3 years old. Pens conform to ASTM D4236 and are NON-TOXIC. For more information, please see our Product Safety page.

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